Dave Mansfield Shifnal Fair Road Closure Consultation


I am writing to you to seek your comments/approval/objections regarding a road closure application that Shropshire Council have received from Pat Collins Fun Fairs. The application is to close Broadway (from Curriers lane to Bradford St and Bradford St ((from Broadway to Aston St). The road closures are proposed to be from Thursday 22nd June to Tuesday 27th June . This includes set up and set down time.

I am aware that each year, Broadway is closed for this event but this year, the applicant has asked for Bradford St to be closed and it is this aspect I am particularly interested in due to the impact on vehicle access to on street and off-street parking and for business and residential access.

Please note I have not received any information to date about positioning of rides.

Any comments or considerations you may have will assist me in the decision making and to enable me to fully and properly assess the application. Due to time restraints in processing such applications, an early response would be welcome.


Dave Mansfield

Shropshire Council

Email: dave.mansfield@shropshire.gov.uk