Access for all Allotment

Shifnal Town Council are currently looking at a new potential project “Access for all allotments”.

We are currently in the process of research and were wondering if this project could benefit you and the community of Shifnal.


Growing flowers, vegetables and plants can be very rewarding for people with or without a disability. However, with a physical or mental disability, an allotment can prove challenging if measures are not in place to make the area easier to work in.


Access for all allotments are designed for those who have either physical or mental health conditions. Raised beds can enable a wheelchair user to reach their produce, level ground would facilitate use of a wheelchair with space to turn, benches positioned close to the beds would help non wheelchair users if they need to stop and rest. Parking and accessible toilet facilities close by, would make working on their allotment so much more easier.


An allotment can be so beneficial to many people with disabilities. Growing and nurturing vegetables as well as flowers has an enormous benefit for people with mental as well as physical health conditions.


If this potential project could help you or other members of the community you know, please contact Lucie Pritchard in the council offices. Even if you do not wish to engage with the project if delivered any comments on this matter would be very much appreciated.